About the Paragon Team

In case you have not yet met or heard about Dr Sylvia Chukwuemeka, founder of the Paragon Team, here is her story….













Dr Sylvia Chukwuemeka ended her career in conventional medicine to set up The Paragon Team with Forever Living Products and help others around the world to achieve better health, balance and peace of mind.

In 1994 Dr Sylvia Chukwuemeka fulfilled a lifelong ambition and qualified as a Medical Doctor. She come from a ‘high flying’ Medical family and flying high in the medical professional was always her goal. She wanted to have a massive impact on people’s lives, helping individuals to live longer healthier, happier lives. She went on to practice for 10 years in the NHS. Unfortunately the reality of practice did not match her lifelong dream and she found that the price of her success in that environment was personal sacrifice; a non-existent family life, a worthless pension and the reality that her high aspirations would not be realised. She frequently found herself thinking ‘this isn’t how it was meant to be’ and had a choice to make; to compromise on her high aspirations or to make a change.

 Late in 2004, a chance meeting found her able to successfully resolve some resistant health challenges through Natural Health remedies. She was introduced to the Aloe Vera Gel from Forever Living Products and was impressed with the results. “I was initially impressed by the fact that I found answers to a number of longstanding health challenges that I had previously been unable to resolve in spite of my own medical experience.” This was the catalyst for the change in her approach to health and illness and she began to place much more emphasis on prevention of disease, (becoming a Fellow of the Royal society for the Promotion of Health in the process) and recommending only natural products from Forever.

Being used to success, a good income, integrity and professionalism in her career, she expected nothing less from any future endeavours and she began examine her options. “I needed to find a career that matched my expectations, a company with an exemplary track record that offered a prosperous and secure future without compromise. I did my due diligence and found the answer that I was looking for with Forever.”

On discovering that Forever offer a home-based working opportunity that enables individuals from all backgrounds to build their own fully supported, flexible, part-time business alongside what they are already doing, she was excited by the possibilities and rewards and jumped at the chance to get involved and take control of her life. The Paragon Team was born! The more she looked into the opportunity, the more excited she became. Forever operates in the rapidly expanding field of Health and Nutrition and has a global turnover of over $2.3 Billion. Over £19 million a day is spent in the UK in this sector alone and the world-renowned economist and entrepreneur Paul Zane Pilzer has identified the Health and Nutrition sector as the next Trillion Dollar industry. It is therefore a very sensible and truly exciting field in which to operate. Within 2 years of working part time alongside Forever Dr Chukwuemeka found herself able to leave the NHS altogether.

In stark contrast to the stories of financial doom and gloom that are ever-present, Forever celebrated its 30th birthday this year with the best first quarter since the company was first established. Business is booming with established businesses in 130 countries worldwide including several countries in Africa. Dr Chukwuemeka is actively involved in extensive expansion plans in the UK and elsewhere, continually seeking ambitious and self-motivated individuals who want to be part of these plans that will result in countless lives being changed for the better. 

 “We have already made a huge difference to many people’s lifestyles in the UK and in various countries around the world, both in improving their health and in securing their financial futures. This is about giving people an opportunity. “

 Dr Chukwuemeka’s aim is to help ordinary people to achieve a better health and a better quality of life. She is in the process of creating complete financial freedom for herself and her vision of empowering people to a better quality of life is being realised on a scale that even she never imagined possible. “ She is a successful Manager in Forever with Car Plan, 100 Club, European Rally Qualifications and more. The Paragon Team regularly features in the Top 10 League table for the area and the TOP 20 Open Business for the UK. The Paragon Team is a very special group and each individual is programmed for success if they just get on board and follow the lead – we are becoming a force to be reckoned with!

The future is extremely bright and the best news is that this same opportunity for success is open to everyone irrespective of background. In Forever, it is about where you want to get to in life than in where you have come from. Attitude & desire are more important than qualifications. There has never been a better time to get going!”

You will find Dr Sylvia Chukwuemeka at the monthly Showcase events, one of the weekly Business Presentations and at major training events. You can call her on 07881 521262 or e-mail info@aloedoctor.com  Make sure she has your e-mail and mobile number (mention who your sponsor is) so that you do not miss out on important information.


One Response

  1. Dear Dr. Sylvia,

    What a BRILLIANT sucess story!

    I completely agree with your advise – All we need is ATTITUDE and DESIRE.

    I have found this message very inspirational and better enough to answer my WHY.

    I will recomend it to my team.

    Well Done Dr. Sylvia!!!


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