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July 30, 2009 - One Response

paragon-diamondWelcome to the Paragon Team Information Blog. Here you will find the tools that you need to build a fantastic future for yourself and the life of your dreams!  There is also plenty of help and support available to help you. See you at the Top!


Dr Sylvia’s guide to Simple Planning for your New Distributor Dr Sylvia’s guide to Simple Planning

Dr Sylvia’s guide to Weekly PlanningDr Sylvia’ s Guide to Weekly Planning

7 Day Plan Template 7 Day Plan Template

Teach 2 Reach Planning Reference Tool – Detailed planning information and checklists – Teach 2 Reach Planning System


Product Summary

Fast Start Pack Contents – Summary of the Starter Pack contents and who could benefit – faststartpack

Dr Sylvia’s guide to Simple Product Launches – NEW! Dr Sylvia’s guide to Simple Product Launches

Customer Trial Pack (PUPP) Tips –NEW! Customer Trial Pack (PUPP) Tips NEW

Product Launch Slides – latest version – product_launch_slides_new2

Products Launch Notes – to accompany the slides to make it easy! – product_launch_notes_new

Weight Management Product Launch Slides – clean_and_lean_presenter

First planning meeting slides


Dr Sylvia’s guide to Simple Sponsoring Dr Sylvia’s guide to simple Sponsoring

Your Prospect – For profiling your prospects before contacting/presenting and for keeping track of your conversations-Your Prospect

Tracking your Sponsoring – Essential for Team Building – Tracking your Sponsoring

Recommended 1:1 document one_to_one_a4_simple-version

Prospecting Tools – Business cards and flyers – Business Cards and Flyers

QLS 1-1 2009 Version

QLS BP 2009 Version

Forever Business Presentation Jan 2010

Our 10 minute brainstorm!

New Teach 2 Reach document



QLS 1:1 (Latest version Sept 2010)

QLS Business Presentation September 2010 version


Skills/habits checklist for building a great businessrolling-programme-checklist

Points Activity Sheets – rolling programme points activity sheet

Recommended Books/CDs – A small selection – ask for more info – Recommended Books/CDs

Dec 09 sizzle Manager by February


Paragon Team Recruiting Website – Use until you have your own –

QLS Team website –

Forever Knowledge Information & training website – International corporate website, CC updates etc –

Forever Videos & International Online Training Modules in several languages  –

Books, CDs, DVDs – All my recommended material is available here and at Success Showcase –

Voicemail communication – Important Business Tool for keeping in touch with FLP information, inspiration –

FLP Merchandise – Branded bags, tablecloths, clothing, folders, diaries etc. Also available as Success Showcase –

Free computer to computer telephone calls anywhere in the world, available now.  Paragon Team SKYPE Conference calls –

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Aloe Cocktails

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Paragon Team Newsletter 2011 Vol 1

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